DIGISPYRES INFODAYS held at the University of Foggia

Throwing it back to the LTT4 session in Foggia, the DigiPsyRes team embarked on a unique outreach initiative, deviating from traditional workshops to engage with students.

Under the gracious hosting of Dr Mariagrazia Mada Logrieco, the team shared insights into the transformative DigiPsyRes project with the second-year students of Psychology at the University of Foggia. The students, displaying genuine enthusiasm, actively participated in the session, posing thoughtful questions and sparking a dynamic exchange of ideas. This interaction not only enriched the students’ understanding of psychological resilience in the digital realm but also provided valuable insights for the DigiPsyRes team. Beyond global collaboration, this on-the-ground engagement exemplified the project’s commitment to fostering connections at the local level and inspiring the next generation to actively participate in the evolving landscape of digital well-being. The presentation was held by Dr Ivana Krsmanović, Dr Mirjana Beara Benjak, Dr Marjan Milošević and Dr Lena Tica.


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