Exciting News Alert: Launch of the First ‘Step by Step’ Training Program at the University of Kragujevac!

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of the first training program in a series of three, set to empower a new pool of 35 enthusiastic DigiPsyRes trainees at the University of Kragujevac in Serbia! Under the theme “Step by Step: From Trainees to Trainers,” this program aims to equip students and university staff with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become effective trainers within our DigiPsyRes supporting network. In the national training in Serbia, two groups of participants were involved, one at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak and the other at the Rectorate of the University of Kragujevac.

For the group of trainees who had their training in Čačak, the starting Program A unfolded on March 21st 2024, marking the beginning of an exciting journey towards professional development in this peer support program. From interactive workshops to engaging discussions, participants delved deep into the foundations of effective training methodologies and practices. The trainees were the students and staff members of the Faculty of Technical Sciences and Faculty of Agronomy (both of the University of Kragujevac), and the trainers were Dr Dragana Bjekić and Dr Milevica Bojović, and a co-trainer was Dragana Stanišić.

Only three days later, on 25th March 2024 a fresh cohort of 18 University of Kragujevac students, predominantly studying Psychology, started their national training program “Step by Step”, marking the beginning of an enriching and transformative experience for this group of aspiring UNIKG professionals.

The lead trainer for this group was dr Mirjana Beara Benjak, and the co-facilitators were Jovana Trbojević Jocić, Jelena Ivanović, Nikola Vuković and Milica Umeljić.


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