The National Training Programs B and C implemented in Poland: Digital Resilience Competences Enhanced

After the successful completion of Program A earlier, Program B, which deals with digital resilience, was implemented at the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz. Under the expert guidance of lead trainer Dr Izabela Kapsa who is also a co-author of the program, the national training B was led by Natalia Sluzek, MA. The importance of resilience in academic settings was also a topic addressed by Dr Aleksandra Blachnio, from the same University.

Participants engaged in enriching sessions focused on digital resilience and networking, gaining valuable insights and skills to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. The event, held on 10th April 2024, marked another milestone in our journey towards digital empowerment.

The implementation of Program C was scheduled for the 12th April at the same university. The training was held by Dr Lukasz Brzezinski, one of the co-author of the program C, and co-trainers Dr Aleksandra Blachnio and Dr Jakub Kopowski. With program C, the national training for Polish partner was completed, and a new cohort of trainees enhanced their competences in digital and psychological resilience.


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