University of Kragujevac completed the national training ,,Step by Step from Trainees to Trainers’’

The cohort of 34 students and staff representatives coming from the University of Kragujevac completed all 3 programs which altogether make DigiPsyRes training program entitled ,,Step by Step from Trainees to Trainers’’. Program C took place on the 2nd and 4th April 2024, in Čačak and Kragujevac, respectively. The group who attended the training in Čačak was led by Dr Lena Tica and Dr Dragana Bjekić as lead trainers, and Dragana Perišić and Anđelka Stanišić, as assisting co-trainers. Meanwhile, in Kragujevac, the same lead trainers, Dr Lena Tica and Dr Dragana Bjekić, were joined by co-trainers Marko Batinić, Valentina Radulović, and Kata Živojinović.

The completion of all three programs within the DigiPsyRes training initiative marks not just the acquisition of knowledge, but the empowerment of a new generation of trainers in the field of psychology. With dedication, guidance, and collaboration, these individuals are poised to make significant contributions to the advancement of psychological research and education.


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